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The County Clerk is the election authority for the county and its political subdivisions, and is responsible for conducting all public elections. The County Clerk is responsible for all voter registration activities in the county.


There are more than 24,000 people
registered to vote in Lawrence County.

Please be advised that any time a voter moves from county to county or state to state, that voter will need to re-register to vote in their new county/state of residence. If a voter is already registered and moves to a new residence located in the same county, that voter will need to update their registration, preferably before Election Day.

The deadline to register to vote is 28 days prior to any given election.

The County Clerk is responsible for processing payroll and administering certain benefits for county employees. It is the County Clerk's responsibility to collect and compile payroll records for each employee from the various county departments, to enter and process payment of paychecks. It is also the County Clerk's responsibility to account for payroll deductions, and to oversee administration of insurance and retirement benefits.

The County Clerk serves as the County Budget Officer and Clerk to the County Commission. Our office is also responsible for:

  • Issuing licenses for liquor sales in Lawrence County;

  • Keeping the public record of the County Commission actions;

  • Administering Election Day and Absentee Voting in all county elections;

  • Voter Registration;

  • Accounts Payable;

  • Human Resources and Payroll;

  • Utility Taxes;

  • County Inventory;

  • Issuing Notary Commissions; and

  • General Administration.

Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Lawrence County election public test County Clerk Riebe

Lawrence County Clerk Tammy Riebe conducts a public test of election equipment.

Tammy Riebe.jpg



1 Courthouse Square, Suite 101

Mt. Vernon, MO 65712

417-466-2638 (fax 417-466-4348)

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