In 2016-2017, Lawrence County, Missouri took a hit
from a combination of decreased revenue and higher costs.

Most of the increase in costs is in the area of PUBLIC SAFETY.

In April 2017, voters approved a half-cent Law Enforcement Sales Tax to address these increased costs. However, the county did not receive any revenue from the new tax until November 2017 even though public safety costs continued to increase, eating deeper and deeper into the county's reserve.

The chart above shows the effect on the county's General Revenue Fund. The large drop in revenue in 2016 can be attributed primarily to four things:

  • a decrease in sales tax revenue the last six months of 2016;

  • reduced revenue from the Use Tax;

  • a decline in revenue from property tax; and

  • state reimbursements.

Thanks to a supplemental disbursement of sales and use tax in mid-December, the county was able to meet its 2017 sales tax budget and exceed its use tax budget though it fell short of anticipated revenue from property tax. Complete year-end figures will be available at the Jan. 17, 2018, budget hearing.