The Historic Courthouse is open 8 a.m.-4 p.m. weekdays. If you visit, please remember social distancing and health guidelines. It is still preferable to do as much of your business online or by telephone as possible.
You may contact the following offices at these numbers:

HEALTH DEPT. - Call 466-2201 or visit web site.


COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE - Call 466-2638 or visit web site.

COLLECTOR'S OFFICE - Call 466-2410. Receipts and statements are available on the web site,

RECORDER'S OFFICE - 466-2670 or visit web site.

ASSESSOR'S OFFICE - Call 466-2831, fax 466-3931 or e-mail

COUNTY COMMISSION - Call or leave message at 466-3666.

MT. VERNON LICENSE OFFICE - Closed until Tuesday, Oct. 13.


TREASURER'S OFFICE - Call 466-2662.

PROSECUTOR'S OFFICE - Call 466-2846.

​We encourage you to follow Lawrence County Health Dept.'s Facebook page for COVID-19 related updates specific to Lawrence County.
Oct. 31

Courthouse open for absentee voting Saturday, Oct. 31, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Nov. 3

General election

County news

Special Saturday hours set Oct. 31 for absentee voting

Registered voters may cast absentee ballots in person at the Historic Courthouse from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31. Absentee voting will take place in second floor courtroom on that day only. Voters may use the south or north doors to the Historic Courthouse to enter.

Requests to have absentee ballots mailed to the voter must be received in the county clerk's office by Oct. 21.

Absentee voting will take place Sept. 22-Nov. 2.

For more information on the upcoming election, or data on completed elections, visit the County Clerk's Elections page or call 417-466-2638. People interested in serving as poll workers Nov. 3 should also contact the clerk's office.

Round 3 of CARES distributions draws to close


(Lawrence County Commission, Sept. 9, 2020) Lawrence County Commission is reviewing applications in the third round of Coronavirus Relief Fund distributions. The deadline was Sept. 4. Recipients thus far include: Aurora Rural Fire, Avilla Fire Protection District, Community Diaper Pantry, Freistatt Fire, Freistatt Lions Club, Halltown Volunteer Fire Dept., Marionville AppleFest, City of Marionville, Marionville Fire, Marionville R-9 School District, Miller Fire Protection District, Miller R-2 School District, Mt. Vernon Chamber of Commerce, Community Betterment Council and Community Garden, Mt. Vernon Fire Protection District, Mt. Vernon R-5 School District, Pierce City Fire Protection District, Stotts City Fire, Pierce City Senior Center, St. Mary's Catholic Church and St. Mary's Catholic School. Emergency Services for Children was added to Round 2 recipients.

Recipients in all three rounds of the CARES grant are reminded that they must provide complete documentation, including copies of cancelled checks and paid invoices, as soon as they are available.

Most of Lawrence County's CARES money has now been allocated through grants, direct spending on public health, public safety and other determined needs, and funds set aside for upcoming needs and unanticipated needs in the final three and a half eligible months of the year. Commissioners will be determining later whether there will be more of the targeted grants as needs are identified and/or another round of general grants.


Nearly $1.3 million in Coronavirus Relief Funds goes out

to schools, nursing home, other entities in Lawrence County

(Lawrence County Commission, Aug. 10, 2020) Coronavirus Relief Funds will be helping Lawrence County schools navigate the precarious waters of the pandemic as they launch the new school year.

Lawrence County Commission was able to fully fund all the grant requests that met qualifications in the second round of Coronavirus Relief Fund grants. Those awards total nearly $1.3 million, the bulk of which will go for schools’ health and safety needs and technology for distance learning.

School districts asked for things like body temperature scanners and masks; Chrome books,  Internet hot spots and other technology to equip students and staff for distance learning.

The remainder is going for health and safety needs of other applicants, particularly the Lawrence County Nursing Home District.

Round 2 recipients are Aurora, Marionville, Miller, Mt. Vernon and Pierce City school districts; Trinity Lutheran School; Lawrence County Nursing Home District; Village of Freistatt; the City of Marionville Fire Department, Aurora Rural Fire District; and the Children’s Smile Center in Aurora.


Both Round 1 and 2 were open to nonprofits; school districts, municipalities and other public entities. Churches were added in Round 2, but none applied. Earlier recipients also included the Cities of Aurora and Mt. Vernon, Lawrence County Board for the Developmentally Disabled and Barry-Lawrence Library.

Both rounds have been for reimbursement of costs spent responding to the crisis. The second round included advance approval for upcoming projects.

Lawrence County received just under $4.5 million in federal Coronavirus Relief Funds. The federal government limits its uses to costs related to the pandemic response for the period March 1-Dec. 30. Lawrence County’s share will be going primarily to public health, public safety and education.

The county has allocated more than half of those funds through two grant cycles and direct spending for public health, public safety and other needs. It is trying to predict now how much to set back for whatever the county might face in the remaining five months of the year.

Details of any future grant opportunities will be announced in media and posted at Questions can be directed to the county commission at 466-3666.

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